In 1860 the Royal General Bulb Growers' Association (KAVB) was founded (originally only for Dutch members but nowadays also for foreign members). The main task at that time was to organize floral exhibitions.


  • The vast majority of flower bulb companies (breeding, trade, cultivation and forcing) in the Netherlands are members of our association.
  • We have contacts with governmental organisations and political parties to promote the interests of our members. For instance in discussions about environmental issues like the use of fertilizers and pesticides, restrictions in use of energy, employment, and are negotiating for collective agreements on behalf of our members.
  • We also provide our members with information about developments in the bulb growing sector. Through our journal "Greenity", but also by organizing meetings and training courses. In addition, we are housing the most complete library on flower bulbs in the world.
  • Furthermore, we provide specific services to members. We are arranging trading regulations, host an independent arbitration tribunal that members can turn to when, for instance, parties have a dispute on a trading agreement, and organize floral exhibitions.

Branch organisations

We work closely together with other branch organisations like:

  • The Dutch Wholesalers' Association, the organisation for the wholesale companies.
  • The Flower Bulb Inspection Service, the organisation that safeguards the product quality.
  • The Flower Bulb Unit of the Applied Plant Research, an important Dutch botanical research institute.
  • Plant Breeders Rights authorities from different countries.